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Onsite production of



Aquastel is a unique company which is focused on the water purification, sterilization and disinfecting industries.

Aquastel offers GREEN NATURAL products that are proven to be more effective than Bleach against bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds and other microbiological organisms.

Aquastel ELECTROLYZED WATER solutions effectively reduces and remedies multiple safety issues that plague facility operations via transmission and cross-contamination between employees, staff, patients, visitors, equipment, food, etc. 

To date no virus, bacteria and mold have been able to develop any adaptive resistance to Aquastel ELECTROLYZED WATER solutions. 

Benefit of onside produced liquids:

  • Very effective against all kinds of micro organism
  • Non toxic
  • Non Chemical
  • Fully biodagradable
  • Safe for user and environent
  • Low operating cost
  • Onsite production
  • Multitude of application in air, liquids or surfaces


With the use of Aquastel products one can reduce the amount of Chemicals used and replace them with ECOLOGICALLY friendly disinfectants.

Dealer and distributor opportunities


Aquastel has outstanding opportunities available and is seeking dealers and distributors for our product range. Contact us for more details at

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